Scandinavian countries has lately experienced large inflow of immigrants from non-European countries where women account for 45 % of migrants with an employment rate 16.9% lower than of women of EU nationality. Among this group there is a large number of women with low educational/working experience, dependent on social welfare.

There is a wide range of activities to break their social isolation in all participating countries but, in practice, only a little percent of participants manage to enter the labor market. The reasons that many immigrant women do not seize the opportunity to use the pre-vocational preparatory courses are often low self-esteem, complexity of information and lack of prior references.

The overall objective of the project is to form a Nordic network consisting of VET organizations, Adult Education organizations, NGOs working with integration and gender equality, Social Welfare Offices and Public Employment Centers for pooling experience and knowledge in order to elaborate a strategy for assistance of immigrant women without prior education into the vocation/professional education system in the participating countries. Members of the above-mentioned network will produce a report on strategy based on methodology of Liberal Adult Education as the most flexible form of education for “smooth” start taking into consideration needs of the target group.

The consortium of the project consists of partners from Lithuania, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The project is coordinated by FOLKUNIVERSITETET KURSVERKSAMHETEN in Sweden.

During the course of the project a comparative report based on the research for the Project Nordic Network for Empowerment of Immigrant Women with low Educational Background has been prepared.

The research was carried out in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Lithuania and based on these results the recommendations for integration of immigrant women with low educational background were prepared